August 03, 2014 | By: Vidyanath Aarvi

Green Green!!

          Today, every manufacturer has strategies to go “green”, but what does it really mean by “going green”? Why do businesses go "green"? Who is the "green consumer"? You'd be knowing a basic idea on "green" after reading this article.

        With the precise approach and definite goals, green manufacturing holds good economic benefits including long-term cost savings, waste reductions and Eco-efficient processes.

Why do Companies Go Green?

       Some business owners and executives actually have conscience to go "green" and provide a competitive edge to customers that are environmentally conscious.
      Going green improves public image and enhance positive impact on customers. Probably, one of the biggest reasons could be an opportunity to be seen as "Environmentally conscious". Companies who go green can play up to the emotions of customers, and say "Hey, buy from us. We're Green, we care about our environment, and our non-green competitor apparently does not."

         Going green makes sense and make profits by reducing the company's energy consumption expenses and provide a healthy environment to the society.

       A large number of companies would claim to be "green", although defining a "green" company is difficult and depends on the criteria adopted, While few are "green" in all aspects of their operations.

Who are Green Consumers?

         People who care sufficiently about the environment to make a conscious effort to buy products that avoid environmental damage are generally called as Green Consumers. They are very concerned about the environment and purchase only Eco-friendly products viz. non-toxic, recyclable, products made from natural ingredients, products made without causing pollution.

     People at one end of the spectrum pay little attention towards environmental issues, though environmental concerns expressed by opinion polls are increasing day by day. People's main interest is "Value for Money", and they would only buy a green product if it were not expensive. At the other end of consumer spectrum is the tiny band of committed greens, for whom green credentials are deciding factor when choosing a product. Since, Green products tend to be more expensive, price "resistance" is a major constraint on market demand.