December 17, 2014 | By: Vidyanath Aarvi

Perception- People only see what they are prepared to see !

                One of the most important skills that one should have to become successful in any profession "people skills-How to deal with people", a person may be a good artist, at the same time he/she may not be the most successful artist in the society. The best architect who has got all the brilliant ideas in the world may not emerge as the successful architect in the city. In any profession a skill which is very critical is people skill.

"Is it so difficult to deal with people?"

                I personally feel it is not that easy for lot of people because people think differently. I and you think differently in different ways. We see the same thing, and we may have two different perceptions. All those opinions what we form about anything are based on the perceptions we create in our mind.

"Why people have different perceptions?"

                For e.g., a married couple have been living together for the past 20 years and now wife says, "even after living with me for 20 years, still you can't understand me?" its a common statement in most of the houses. This happens because two different people always think in different ways, their perceptions are different, their thoughts are different, and the ways their thoughts are being generated are completely different.

"Why people think different?"

                For e.g., the color one may like, the place one may want to go and the food one may eat and others may not, because their thoughts are formed and brought out thru their brain. The point is, right from the birth of a person, his/her brain has been storing all the information. The brain uses that information to create perceptions on every situation. The kind of data stored in my brain and your brain will be completely different and it leads to the thoughts formed or the perceptions created or the paradigms will be different.

                Suppose a person is continuously being exposed to completely negative thoughts, for e.g. you cannot do this; I won't get a job; you will be failure in your life; etc. And there is another gentleman who is exposed to encouragement, for e.g. you have the capacity to do it; you will be successful; etc. As these two people come with two different kinds of mindsets, these two people will be responding in two different ways in any situation.

                The thing is how we can change the programming that has been done in brain. For the last few decades you must have been living on this earth and collecting all the suggestions or have been reading a lot of things, that are stored in your brain. Based on these inputs the brain forms the output. You cannot change it over night, but you can change it by using scientific methodologies like thought process re-engineering. in simple way you can do it by changing the inputs like what you read, what you see, what you listen and whom you listen to, what kind of people you associate with.

                That's why it is generally being said that "You tell me the kind of books you read, the kind of music you listen to, and the kind of associations you have, I can tell you who you are."