January 12, 2013 | By: Vidyanath Aarvi

The M word

The controversy between Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds in a match, I felt pity on Bhajji, the poor guy faced strong criticism as he addressed Symo as 'monkey' (I'm still in dilemma whether he said 'Maaki' (in Hindi) or 'Monkey' (in English)).

See my dear readers, if saying 'monkey' is a crime then my friends, my relatives and my near and dear would have been imprisoned quite a long ago for the offenses they have made.

[Specifically my dad. He has creative ways of scolding, i.e 'mental monkey', 'brainless monkey', 'langur' and sometimes even combinations - 'mental joker monkey' etc. My mother prefers 'kothi mokam' (Monkey Face)].

The point is, Bhajji could have said a many other things but he preferred saying monkey. I strongly believed that monkey was not a racist word in any aspect. Because -
  1. Monkey does not refer to color/race in any way.
  2. Well, we (the so called human beings) were derived from monkeys (according to Darwin's theory). If that was truth, then we have to accept the fact that monkeys are our relatives.
  3. It could be a compliment, monkeys are admired in India.