November 02, 2013 | By: Vidyanath Aarvi


The most-awaited movie for Diwali was an entertaining film and disappointing as well.

For the superhero movie lovers, it is a Diwali Dhamaaka movie. It would be awesome and superb movie for the bacchha parties, though it didn't attract the adults much.

Lack of melodious Music - Even Shaktiman theme track was far better than Krrish 3 songs.
Lack of Dance - By which Hrithik is popular.
Lack of Originality/Creativity - The concept of spreading virus was old.

Blatant Plagiarism from many superhero films. Though there were very few twists, we could predict them and there was a surprise element in the film - Maanwars (Maanav+Jaanwars) who were minions of the Villain - Kaal, Vivek Oberoi.

Hrithik Roshan, who is usually amazing by his action in the memorable movies like Zindagi na milegi Dubara and Guzaarish. I feel he has done justice to his action by his dual role appearances, Dressings, physique, accent in the two roles. He seemed to be too energitic.

Priyanka Chopra, a charming and pretty actress, who acted pretty well in Barfi had less scenes and her action was not up to the expectation. Priya, who kept insisting that she's the heroine of the film, seemed to exist to be in trouble and crying out for help.


Vivek Oberoi, villain, as Kaal in the movie,though he put his mark where audience could never forget his act, His acting prowess is only second to Kagana, because, i have seen that Vivek does a lot better.



Kangana Ranaut, as kaya, acted pretty well than what i expected, with her weird haircuts and clothings. she perhaps delivered her best performance in this film, and that says a lot.

Movie makers could have renamed this movie as Krrash-3/ Krrush-3.