February 04, 2014 | By: Vidyanath Aarvi

Living is an Art-2

         On the second morning, I was out to have breakfast. As it was Hilly area getting on to the stairs and down has become somewhat difficult due to adverse effect of my routine daily life, because, even if I need to go to neighboring seats at work area, I would move on the chair itself, which indirectly indicates me as Lazy as Sloth. I thought this might be the reason which makes the way hard and I moved ahead. The kitchen was very large and solar panels on the roof were appealing to the apparent power generated through them is used for kitchen. I had my favorite dish Upma, coconut chutney and chocolate flavored Ragimalt. The majority of the things in the kitchen were done by social enthusiasts. Food from Ashram is supplied to few schools nearby which made me Exclaimed. Food here serves essential nutrients to the body which is very good vegetarian diet.

          As per schedule we reached Shankar Mahal for the course. We introduced each other with the Sanskrit word "Sangashchatvam" (Which meant Lets move united) not with the usual Hi Hellos. finally the word is going to make the contact . Teachers named Pankaj & Vasanthi came to our group. they taught very well explained very patiently.

     Then coming to the core content of the course, they taught us few yogasanas as part of warm up. They taught Pranayama, three-tiered pranayama, Bhastrika Pranayama and sudarshanakriya. All of which are the process of breathing To provide enough oxygen to the body. One should experience the feel it gives.

       This course is not defined to promote any culture or religion but, main intention is to teach knowing yourself. To enjoy each second of life at that particular point of time. Even if you are Mafia Don, Do your work with dedication and enjoy it.