February 20, 2013 | By: Vidyanath Aarvi

Mobile Prone

That was 2 'o' clock in the midnight, when people were in sound sleep and its the time usually dogs howl!!!

I woke up suddenly as my mobile rings "U r my pumpkin pumpkin, Hello Honey bunny".
Who is that idiot calling me at this time, I thought.
I picked up the call some shitty songs began to play one after the other, press 1, press 2...blah blah..
I was irritated an cut the call immediately.
Since the day I was carrying a mobile, I was receiving many calls that were unnecessary and irrelevant.

Example 1:

An executive calls me "We are calling from so and so bank, am I speaking to Vidyanath"
I answered him, he questions back "May I know your age?"

By any chance is he a mediator from a marriage bureau?

He questions again "In which company are you working?"
I patiently answered all his questions, he asks something irrelevant to my requirements...but he doesn't come to the point to be discussed.

At last, he says, "We are offering you a wonderful offer on personal loan. blah blah..." as if he was offering me a duplex bungalow in Banjara hills...

At times, I entertain such calls, just to have the first hand information.

Example 2:

The other day some other person calls and says, "We are calling from yahoo.com, your mobile number has been selected in 2013 lucky draw. You won $1000000... You just need to send ₹25000 for inter country transfer charges. We will send you the cheque to your address".

I wondered if I won such a big lottery, why wouldn't they deduct those charges and whatever the taxes applicable and send me the remaining amount. 

Huh.. innovative ideas to loot people!

Example 3:

Moreover, it is useless to say about calls regarding credit cards and insurances, they call me when I'm seriously busy. Nowadays SBI also started fearing people saying, "SBI never sends mail asking your personal details and never calls you for asking your transaction password."

I'm facing such terrible instances with mobile!

Now, see the advantages of a phone, we speak with lot of people, listen to songs, browse internet, alarms, play games, etc.

Here, there's a special mention about Short Message Service (SMS). We receive forwarded texts with an emotional touch. We would have definitely felt better and relaxed for a moment.

Example 4: A forwarded Message

Cute Proposal:

Boy asked girl: "Who is your enemy?"
Girl replied & proposed: "My worst enemy is my HEART because it's mine but beats for you."

We'll be troubles due to high addiction towards mobile phones.

Don't trouble the trouble. If you trouble the trouble...then trouble troubles you...this post is not the trouble...This is truth...