February 28, 2013 | By: Vidyanath Aarvi


          Right from class 1 to 10th... just recollect the subjects what we have studied (I was trying to ask my friend beside me who was seriously watching RGV ki AAG). Telugu, Hindi, English, Maths, Science and social. Almost everyone might have studied these subjects or few might have studied Sanskrit instead of Telugu. In Telugu, we studied poetry and prose, we heard lot of stories. last but not least...Non-Detail. We had similar categories in Hindi and English too. Now coming to Maths (my all time favorite subject)... We studied starting from addition and subtractions to differentiation and integration, and many principles too... I literally played with numbers. In science, physics, chemistry and biology taught us many things in life. At last social studies, we studied geography (about solar system and earth specifically), history (starting from Mughal empire to ongoing Gandhi empire), civics (politics and constitution) and economics (value of money).

          After 10th people are categorized viz. few into Intermediate, few into diploma and ITI. Again, in intermediate, students are categorized in terms of subjects. People who like maths prefer MPC, who doesn't like maths prefer BiPC and who doesn't like both prefer CEC or HEC or MEC. People who join in sciences forget Arts and vice versa.

          Next Degree... this is again divided into two. Technical (BE or Btech) and non-technical (B.Sc or B.Com). Till 12th, we divide subjects and study. However, in degree, they divide people and make us study. That's why I feel degree has much prominence in human education. Okay, now let's come to the point... In Engg, there were 32 departments when I joined Btech. See how we are categorized. Current shockers are Electrical Engineers. Constructors are Civil Engineers. Studies of machines are Mechanical Engineers. What we do here in Degree is we will have expertise on particular area of subject. Might be other things too. ;)

          In addition to this few more people prefer PG studies, wherein they squeeze whatever they had studied in degree. Few more people who were not satisfied with their desires in education prefer PhD, M.Phil, or Fellowship. They'll have expertise on only single paper. If you ask them anything, they say Story of a cow. People who don't know Story of a cow please read below. From six subjects in matriculation, see where it ends at a single paper in PhD.


          Long ago, there was a smart boy named Vidyanath in a school. One fine day teacher asked Vidyanath to say something about cow. Then he started saying... "Cow is animal, it has 4 legs, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 mouth and a tongue in it etc. cow gives us milk, from milk we can make curd, butter etc. cow eats grass." hearing this answer teacher applauded him. Teacher asked Vidyanath to say about his home. Vidyanath started as... "I and my parents stay in my home, my home is in Hyderabad. There is a cow outside of my house. (Haa... cow...). Cow is animal, it has 4 legs, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 mouth and a tongue in it.etc etc." Now, teacher felt pity on him and asked him to say about car. Our intelligent Vidyanath started saying... "Car is vehicle. It runs on fuel. When I was traveling in car, I saw a cow standing across the road. (Haa... cow...). Cow is animal, it has 4 legs, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 mouth and a tongue in it.etc etc." this time teacher was out of her control and punished innocent Vidyanath.


(The above post is truly my personal opinion. This is not to offend anyone who studied higher degrees. Story of a cow is only for fun. I know i didn't mention few Degrees like MBBS, BPharm, BDS, etc. students of respective degrees are no less than that of mentioned in the post. Whatever the degree is Situation is the Same)