July 21, 2013 | By: Vidyanath Aarvi

Appraisal - A Sour Grape


This is the main word for which professional works.

We always think that we must be appraised for good hike this year.
In the same way, our Manager also does the same thing.

He thinks, "Even this year I'll make him stay here".
He speaks in one way during work, and the other way during appraisal.

At work, you are great, a hero, sharp, intelligent- he says.
At appraisal discussion, you are dumb, zero, blunt, coward, foolish- he doesn't say so, but we'll have to understand his intensions.

Moreover he says to be more socialistic, build your Competency, participate in Knowledge Transfers (KT), Innovations, etc. etc. etc.

When we put PAPERS, he will not hesitate to say "You are an important person, key player, cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar."
If you believe this, then you are Go Goa GONE. Sacrifice yourself by one more year.


Meanwhile I was thinking about Knowledge transfer...

I thought, somehow I will have to give a seminar and get noticed by Top management. So, i prepared and left to Office. By the time I entered the front office/ Reception, there was a big 30 x 40 inch cut-out "An inspirational and Motivational Seminar by Vidyanath Aarvi."

I thought "Saala, Everybody knew that i'm giving seminar. Huh". Everyone in the office was speaking about my KT. I still wondered and moved ahead towards Conference room. when I just entered the room, one of my colleagues stood up, cut his finger and put veera tilaka on my fore head. I tried to stop him, but he didn't listen, moreover he was yelling "JAI HO Vidyanath". Finally I am done with the great Knowledge Transfer. Even I woke up.

Then I realized that these KT's doesn't go well with me. Let's concentrate on Innovation then and asked my friends "Abey, ye Innova Toyota kya hai bey?"

"Know the things which your manager doesn't know, and let him know. That is Innovation". Hmm.. Tu modern Einstein hai re baap. Then I said, "Then my manager has less knowledge on Movies, Shall I tell him about latest movies?" My friend looked me from top to bottom and left, as if I have asked him change for 50 paise.

Even I left, thinking that no one at least try to recognize my talent. 


Oh Ganga Ji, Aap toh apne pati Shiv Ji (Kedarnath) ko bachaliye, Unke bhakton ko bhi bachalijiye.
Please be kind towards Victims at Uttarakhand. Please save them. They are no way related to me. Even then, please save them.